Things, you need to do related with transportation firm:

* Be sure to check if the company that will carry your item has a certificate of authorization. Unfortunately, there are about 30-35 unauthorized companies in our country who try to do business only on the internet site without any tools and personnel. Companies that carry out urban-domestic household goods transportation are obliged to obtain a K3 Certificate of Authority from the Ministry of Transportation, and companies that carry overseas transportation have a C3 Certificate of Authority.

* Do not pay to any shipping company or deliver your belongings without signing a written contract.



Things, you need to do related with your house:

* Defrosting the refrigerator 24 hours before moving,
* Dumping of dishwasher, washing and drying machines,
* Unplugging electrical devices,
* No dishes left in the kitchen,
* Discharging the water inside the iron,
* Preparation of the necessary medicines, personal and valuable items that you will take with you, keeping them separate from the items to be carried,
* The weight of the boxes you make yourself does not exceed 25 kilos,
* Informing apartment managers, site management and apartment officers about moving,
* Cancellation of newspaper and bread service,
* If possible, obtaining permission to use the lift during transport (makes transport very fast),
* Reservation of a parking space for the truck in front of your house for the morning of moving in,
* Setting the necessary food and ingredients for pets
* Taking the clothes with you for the first day in the new house,
* Submitting petition to the relevant departments for the connection of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone etc. in the new house,
* Cancellation of subscriptions such as electricity, water, telephone of the old house one day after moving.