Door To Door Moving Pprocess | Protrans Transport



When you reach our Company, our colleagues will meet you to explain first the position and general state of our Company and the priority and process of professional transportation. After giving the preliminary information, your address and telephone number will be received and our expert colleagues will come to your home on an appropriate day and time you set and will provide you services after they see your goods.

Since we know how stressful moving can be, we describe moving work in the best way and in parallel to it and as the processes coincide with each other, we are extremely careful to package your goods and to unpack and place them in your new home neatly.

Your goods including beds, sofa, etc. made of fabric are packaged with bubble plastic and your furniture is packaged with blankets carefully. Your clothing is placed in your closets and hung in your closets similarly in the place you move to. Your books are placed in book boxes.

Your freights are started to be moved towards your new home midday based on the general state of your goods. When we reach your new home, your packaged goods are placed in each room as you wish. Your furniture and domestic appliances are mounted by our Company.

After our team finishes their work, final checks are made to see if there is any change to be made and/or if you have any wish. Protrans Freight Transfer process ends in this way. We leave your new home by wishing you to live happily in your new home with the satisfaction of doing our job in the best way.

*Please remember to complete the comment and suggestion form given to you after the transportation process.